Thank you again for being a valued part of our mentor network. It means a lot to us; but to the forthcoming cohorts, your involvement will be absolutely game-changing. Below is a brief survey (6 essay questions) that we will use to prepare a blog post that highlights your journey, achievements, and company. You have the option to review the draft once prepared, and we will promote it throughout our channels. 

In case you want to download a hard copy to work on this offline, here is a link: Survey Word Doc



Name *
Many of us have multiple roles. How would you like to be highlighted?
If you were to have a personal tagline, what would it be?
Inspiration: What's your background? Where are you from? What did you study? What industry were you in before (if any)? What was your greatest achievement?
Inspiration: What's your background? When were you introduced to cannabis? What was your first venture into the industry? Why are you passionate about it?
Inspiration: What was your greatest barrier? What constraints have helped define your business? What major hurdles have you overcome that has set you apart?
Inspiration: What are your regulatory predictions? How do you see the cannabis industry changing? How do you think this will affect your business?
Inspiration: How will it be regulated? How will people talk about it? What will the market look like? What will be the global impact? How will the early entrepreneurs be viewed?
Inspiration: What does your company do? Who does it serve? What is your impact? What is your vision for the company's future?