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If you are here, it's because we believe in you. Gateway Blueprint is an invite-only program designed to help the most promising entrepreneurs develop the foundation for a truly scalable company in the cannabis industry. You will work alongside a small, hand-selected group of aspiring entrepreneurs building the next generation of cannabis companies. You will also have access to the Gateway Works community.


We've designed a special curriculum that is highly structured and ensures that you have executed on all the company-building components that have established the foundation for all successful companies. We have many years of experience driving founders through an accelerated program that ensures you are addressing a real need for a sizeable market with a unique positioning and a defensible offering.


This is a 12-week course housed in the Gateway Incubator. Every week, there will be a 2-hour class session and a company-building assignment associated with each session. The classes will be taught by Gateway founders, Ben Larson and Carter Laren, and you will have weekly one-on-one office hours with them. The combination of the structured curriculum and guided coaching is a proven model for success.

The taller the building,
the deeper must the
foundation be laid
— Thomas à Kempis

Course Topics

Brand Foundation
Visioning and Ideation
Customer Development
Business Modeling
Naming and Branding
Positioning and Defensibility
Legal and Accounting
Recruiting and Advisors
Traction and Growth
Pitching and Storytelling
Fundraising and Sustainability 

Program Details

Invitation Only

Dedicated Desk at Gateway Works

12 Week Startup Program

Two Hour Class Sessions Every Week

Guided Company Building Curriculum

Weekly Office Hours with Ben and Carter 

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